Friday, August 31, 2012

Beatle Bailey Big Stone Sky Watch ...

We saw The Twins lose to The Mariner's yesterday but Target Field has the best hot dogs ever.  On the  scenic drive home we made our way to Big Stone Lake to hook up with Jolene and pick up the family nail gun.  A guy named Beatle Bailey sculpted this incredible Walleye which sit's atop the deck where we chowed down on a great dinner at SoDak Resort.  

All is well on The Prairie ... the corn is dead but we are moving on.  At Sky Watch Friday there is a sky that caused a photographer to think of you.  Check it out ... who doesn't love the Sky ?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Red Barns Sky Watch Friday ...

There's just something about a Red Barn.  The ones dearest to my heart are built years ago, that someone has just lovingly lapped on a fresh coat or two.  While many go for the browner shades, I will come to a dead stop in a Highway ditch for a closer look at a glowing classic Red Barn such as this.  I wasn't even looking at it's complimentary cloud backdrop.

This is the shade of both the nail polish and lipstick my Mother wore when I was a child.  It's the shade of Christmas.  It's the shade of my old Dining Room in Houston/West University.  It's the shade of my Geraniums.  And yes, here on The Prairie, it's the shade of my very own Barn.

Check out Sky Watch Friday ... today someone else cared to send you their very best.