Saturday, July 28, 2012

Big Storm Cloud But Still No Rain ...

Here on The Prairie we don't do well without moisture.  As a child I remember my parents making calls out to my Great Grandfather's farm, continually asking the question, "Did you get any rain"?  My Uncle Don and his wife Josephine held this very valuable land at the time.  I'm sure they didn't have crop insurance.  And irrigation systems hadn't come into style.  

Now I understand the mechanics of being the World's Bread Basket ... it isn't going to happen this year.  Check out Sky Watch Friday to see what your Peeps are saying about their Sky.  

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sky Watch Friday ...

Yesterday I followed this cloud for a while as I was making my way home from Henry, SD.  The Lorinda Cemetery is five miles or so from the farm my mother and her 4 siblings were born on.  I really should make a road trip out there with her when she returns from my Brother's place in Pierre.  They are fishing for Walleye and Salmon on the Missouri River  ...  a sure sign of summer on The Prairie.  Here, East River, we are feeding the pheasants, watering the sun flowers and praying for a nice steady rain for the gorgeous corn fields we're surrounded by.  
At Sky Watch Friday you can check out another sky, another story, and another's prayers.  

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mount Rushmore Sky Watch Friday ...

We took a road trip this week out to the Black Hills with Mom, my Step Son, Brad, and his kids, Ian and Liliya, who live in Houston.  We visited Chief Crazy Horse's monument, rode the 1880 Train through Custer State Park, took the trail along Roughlock Falls, drove through Spearfish Canyon, and when you have a Geologist in the family you always visit the rock shops. But the true highlight of a trip to the Hills is always Mount Rushmore, the work of Gutzon Borglum, a Danish/American Sculptor, and his son, Lincoln.  Construction of this mighty granite memorial to presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln began in 1927 and was completed in 1941.  There are monumental skies from all around the world at