Saturday, July 28, 2012

Big Storm Cloud But Still No Rain ...

Here on The Prairie we don't do well without moisture.  As a child I remember my parents making calls out to my Great Grandfather's farm, continually asking the question, "Did you get any rain"?  My Uncle Don and his wife Josephine held this very valuable land at the time.  I'm sure they didn't have crop insurance.  And irrigation systems hadn't come into style.  

Now I understand the mechanics of being the World's Bread Basket ... it isn't going to happen this year.  Check out Sky Watch Friday to see what your Peeps are saying about their Sky.  


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed that some rain appears soon!

  2. Gorgeous skyscape composition! I love it.

    Cheers from Bohol, Philippines. Visiting from SKYWATCH.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Quite dramatic too. You might like to contribute to Mandarin Orange Monday:)