Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Kitchen is my Garden ...

Taking the title from my Grandmother, Marie Van Sickle's favorite painting, "The Prairie is my Garden", this is one of the last few days my plants will be inside. Yesterday I went to Norms' Nursery in Aurora after having my nails done in Brookings. That's another story for another day but, yes, I go to Brookings, home of SDSU, to get my nails done. Anyway ... Norm's son, Colin, is on the scene this year and he helped me untangle my Mandevilla ... There wasn't a lot going on except me, my Mandevilla, my gorgeous trailing Geranium, and my quest to get the best Stonecreep Sedum out from under the snow. I am trying to get as much in as possible as early as possible for ground cover as well as a choking device for the friggen crab grass. Grandma "Sickle", where are you when I need you ??? And that is also another story for another day !

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