Monday, August 23, 2010

One Leaf At A Time ...

Yesterday morning I was watering a few plants on the deck, minding my own business, and having a conversation with myself. I was reviewing summer in my head.

It's been an interesting and productive season. We've had company a few times, family and friends from the South. When we open up our home and life on The Prairie, it's something we take seriously. And as for the summer accomplishments, the two well tended gardens, mostly by Ron, are paying off with gorgeous produce. Yesterday Ron and my Mom put up pickles. Later this week we'll be canning tomatoes ... using the oven and the 275 for 75 minutes technique.

When I saw this lone leaf on my deck it got my attention. It happened to be at the north end where we made snow sculptures last winter. Where the big round wraught iron table sits, that will be moved to the other end for the ice candle assembly line. Next to the steps that will need shoveling. And along the driveway where Arvid will be plowing.

The leaf made me go there. To the other piece of this life called Winter. Where I'll be photographing nature and events that are not even remotely green, in one hell of a winter coat.


  1. One of the great things about blogging is the gift of someone else's perspective. I love to read your thoughts from the prairie, and see your photos. It's a refreshing look into a place so different from my home, yet so welcoming!

  2. i'm back! i'm hoping to blog a little again. and go visiting LOTS more again. i've missed your blog. s

  3. Don't be thinking of that already, Laurie - you'll jinx me! my garden still hasn't succumbed to a heavy frost - I'm very happy!