Friday, April 8, 2011

Snow Means Water Means Life Lesson ...

I have been photographing this grove of trees for almost 4 years. The melted snow has become what appears to be a new lake. What remains appears to be a shore. As for the sky ... this is likely the last of the wintry clouds. They have become big, puffy, and rolling for summer. They have to do that. It's their job.

There is a lesson here ... don't take a thing for granted. Things can change in an instant. Take a look at skies around the world today, at

They won't look like this again.


  1. A new lake -that's a big change!
    Great pic for Skywatch:)
    Read your profile -you've an aweful lot of animals:) I once lived in Waxahachie, TX (20 miles from Dallas) for college) - now for 20+ years in Los Angeles.

  2. A good lesson in perspective - all is not necessarily as it appears. Your snow is nearly gone, Laurie - summer's on the way to the Prairie.

  3. wow ... the view looks fabulous... stunning...
    a wonderful lesson to be leart from nature.

  4. Greetings from Deadwood!

    Glad to see your snow is almost gone, too.

    You had a heck of a winter---hope it is over.

    I don't really feel safe here until about the end of May........


    Good seeing someone else on Skywatch from SD!