Friday, June 3, 2011

Riding With Grandma ...

One of my Grandmother's greatest joys in life was going for a ride in the country. After loosing her husband as a young wife, she moved her children into town from off of the farm and went to work for Herberger's.

She managed the china and housewares department, so my Grandma, Marie Van Sickle, knew all of the brides in town. She also stocked many a kitchen through the 40's, 50's and 60's. She loved Farberware, Corelle, and little paring knives

When I see a scene like this on The Prairie I think of riding in her light blue Ford Fairlane, traveling the gravel roads north of town. It's summer. The sun is setting. And there is a Zesto vanilla ice cream cone in my future.

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  1. Beautiful grandma story and a glorious sky overlooking the prairie. Happy Sky Watch!!

  2. Amazing how such a simplistic view can be so breathtakingly beautiful. Lovely job. And I remember both 'Herberger's' and 'Zesto' from my childhood in La Crosse, WI!

  3. what a wonderful story!

    beautiful sky picture, too.

    happy sky watch.

  4. I wish I had known Grandma that well. I do have grand memories of her though! xxoo

  5. What a beautiful memory. I see where you got your Zest(o) from.

  6. That is a lovely post, both photo and story! Makes me think that a movie is to unfold about grandma and her life at Herberger's.
    I'm glad you dropped in on my blog; I'll be following your blog!

  7. herbergers, zesto's, summer drives (with my grandpa) through the prairie, too... some of these are my memories, too. thank you!

  8. If corelle is a kind of Corningware, than I loved it too.I only have three dishes left :-)
    Like the scene and the memories attached to it. Also like people being silly, as in your this week's skywatch picture .