Friday, October 21, 2011

Dot Your i's Sky Watch Friday ...

I took this photograph yesterday evening at a benefit for our Codington County Heritage Museum. Bernie Hunhoff, the founder of South Dakota Magazine, was the entertainment. He's a very funny guy and told some great stories on people from around here.

I really love the firey energy of the sun and sky in this photograph, along with the serenity of the water and the activity on the boat. This sunset formed pretty quickly and the sky went through quite a few very soft pastel changes after the sun was actually down.

Take a look at someone else's evening and find out what it meant to them at Sky Watch Friday. And don't forget to cross your t's too.


  1. A glorious place to watch the sun setting, Laurie - sounds like a great evening.

  2. I love your skywatch. I don't think I get that kind of sky in Dallas. At least not all the time!

  3. It is a stunning photograph! How lucky you were to see this in person!

  4. The sky and water appear to be drenched in blood!


    Through the dazzling bright blue sky
    Pigeons swim and goldfish fly.
    If you think that this is strange,
    You should see the mountains range!

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