Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh Lord Sky Watch Friday ...

The restored Church at Joy Ranch.

We belong to Trinity Episcopal Church here in Watertown, South Dakota. That's Catholic Lite ... 1/3 less guilt ; ) yet we can't seem to attract the numbers necessary to keep afloat. There are approximately 20 of us who attend services regularly and span ages 5 to nearly 95. Our Nest Egg is almost gone. Oh, Lord !!!

Check out Sky Watch Friday and say a little prayer for our Church. Thanks. xoxo.


  1. might need some advertising campaign and such? nevertheless, the photo is really beautiful.

  2. Great composition.
    I like the diagonal angle.

    Regards and best wishes

  3. Beautiful shot, love the composition and the colors. . Happy skywatching!

  4. What a great perspective on your "small" church, Laurie. Have a great weekend. (It's soon time to plant the sunflower seeds.)

  5. Really interesting shot... love the colors and the way you framed it! Looks like it's taken through a corn field.

  6. The perspective of your capture is great. I love it. We Episcopalians gotta stick together. I got a kick out of your explanation of the Episcopal/Catholic comparison. genie