Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Growing Sunflowers Part Two ...

This weekend I transplanted my sprouted Sunflower seedlings.  I've had about 30 of them growing all together in one large pot.  They are the tallest greens just between the St. Francis and the metal rose.  I've put 6 or so in here and will let them all go for a while, then thin them out to the strongest 3.  More than that in this pot with everything else would be too crowded.  The stalks grow pretty thick.  I have Verbena, Aster and a Daisy along with them.

The Sunflowers will take a while to stabilize ... they don't really like being transplanted and will droop a bit in the heat of the sun.  Water them lightly every other day the first week.  I've put a very mild dose of Miracle Grow on all of mine.

Let me know how yours are doing, OK ?  Love from The Prairie.  xoxo.


  1. Glad I can enjoy your Prairie Sunflowers again this year. No luck with them at altitude. I'm going to plant some annuals in pots today - hope I'm not rushing it! Our nights can still go to freezing. You'll have a pretty mix of colors when those plants grow up!

  2. We're crazy busy, looking for sunbreaks through the clouds of June, and well. How are you and yours?
    Your flowerpots are de-lovely. xoxo