Saturday, October 13, 2012

Home Sweet Bonassola Sky Watch ...

After a two week stay in a lovely Italian villa I had walked past this scene several times per day.  Sometimes I was strolling to lunch or dinner.  Sometimes I was rushing to catch the train for a side trip.  And more than once it was strictly for gelato, always a chocolate coconut combination.  

With each passing, the kayaks were never in the same order.  And the sky was always one huge moving picture.  The villa had spectacular views of the Mediterranean from the two verandas we spent all sunsets but a few.  The sky played an important role in my trip ... exactly like it does in every day of my life.

I was by myself this late cloudy afternoon and a day away from leaving for home.  I sat on the beach and waited and I loved the way the boats were fanned out.  A thin layer of clouds came over and I got the shot I had been waiting for.

Check out Sky Watch Friday ... you will find another's story, another's photograph, and someone else who wants to let you into their world.  


  1. Captivating!! I love the layers - clouds, sea, kayaks...

  2. So that's what you've been doing! Watching Italian sunsets and eating gelato. That is an awesome photo, Laurie. Frame it as a keepsake memory.

  3. Thats a nice picture - it cries out for some sort of time lapse where the boats and the skies change day by day!

    Stewart M - Australia

  4. Italy! Sounds wonderful! I love the photo with the colorful kayaks.

  5. beautiful contrast of colors and a very nice place.