Friday, July 11, 2014

Bill Board Sky Watch Friday ...

I am giving a big "thumbs up" to the AsGrow billboard west of my home town on Highway 212.  It's a major show stopper.  The son, standing with his Father, points to the Showcase Field of corn,  all against the beautiful blue sky.  And not a cloud in sight.  

We were heading to Minneapolis on Sunday with my son Brad and our grandchildren Ian and Liliya.The kids and I made the hundred yard trek so we could snap our "on the way to the airport" photo.  It was the last day of our ten day vacation on the prairie.  It's always difficult to put them back on that plane to Houston.   

I love these colors, I love this idea, and I especially love that words are really not necessary.  Check out Sky Watch Friday, where people who love the sky want to show you their piece of it.  

And to AsGrow:  I've got my eye on you ...


  1. Hi Laurie, Sounds like you had a great visit with the Grands. Is everything growing at your house? Got any sunflowers?

    1. They are getting taller as we speak and I will definitely blog them. You wouldn't believe how many hits I get here about growing them. I staggered quite a few to make them last. My Cosmos just started opening today. I bought a "sea shell" variety with a little twist of the blossom to go along with my just plain outstanding white, pink and maroon variety. Lots of Snap Dragons, Marigolds, Petunias, Hollyhocks just opening as well, and another new favorite for the climate, Zinnia. Love you !!! xoxo.

  2. That's a billboard?? That IS cool!