Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sixo de Mayo ...

I missed posting yesterday as we were in The Falls Of The Sioux. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo there, at Chevy's. The party was about to get pretty lively at Happy Hour ... they were setting up for a huge bash out on their patio.

I spotted these adorable Twin Sisters coming in the door, in cute sundresses and matching hats. I had hoped to catch their tanned arms and shoulders but Chevy's A/C was kicking out some chill on this 75 degree and sunny beautiful day.


  1. Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated here in south Texas - it's just another day. No parties, no parades - nada! (Just a marketing ploy to sell more beer!) But the day which really is celebrated is 9/16 - Mexico's Independence Day. Then it's on!! Get those fajitas going on the grill & smack that pinata, baby!! PARTY!!!

  2. Sounds like a great time! I'm so glad the weather is nice. I celebrated Cinco de Mayo much the same way.