Thursday, June 18, 2009

About Last Night ...

Husband calls to wife from mower on summer's first hot day of 75 degrees, "Have you seen the peony"? Wife, preoccupied as usual, "Yeah ... Gotta jump, Mom's appt at 1:20".

Later that evening while Husband is prepping the grill for NY Strip Steak, Husband calls to Wife, who has finally come down a few notches after her afternoon in town, "Did you see the peony"? Wife glances then runs towards Garden of the Year.

Wife, "Oh My God"! "Did I plant that" ?


  1. I love that he noticed it, and that he persisted in calling your attention to it. What a wonderful man, and a beautiful peony!

  2. Love that frilly Peony. I enlarged and also saw the bug - perfect composition!