Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father Figure ...

Carroll Eugene Brandriet at 18 years of age after having enlisted in the Air Force ... Our relationship was one of love, pain, anger, resentment and retaliation ... on both our parts. The acceptance came eventually. But things weren't that great between us when he passed away almost 10 years ago. We were in a Mexican Standoff about a pressure cooker ... trust me, it fits.

My Dad was a very handsome man with personality, wit, spunk, and a passion for drinking. He also had a heart of gold ... and he believed in me.

I love you, Dad. And if you were here I'd give you the pressure cooker for Father's Day.

I miss you.

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  1. They certainly aren't all wonderful are they? But we love them just the same...My Dad had a passion for drinking and being unhappy most of my life.
    I am sure your Dad is over the 'pressure cooker' stage now and is just enjoying watching YOU live your life.