Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grand Mammie's Feeling Better ...

My two favorite Family Chicklettes ... my sister Wendy's daughter, Catherine, and my Mum.

When Wendy passed away, soooo unexpectedly, the three of us limped along for what seemed like forever ... like a car missing a wheel. It was so difficult to be together without her. It hurt ... it was awkward ... it didn't fit. And while the wheel is still missing, we are doing much better. I know that because we are laughing more.

Wendy came to me in dreams both last night and the night before. I was looking at 8 x 10 photos of the family, all living, and "Poof" she was in the next one, just beginning to make that piglet face where you push up your nose and pull down your lower eye lids. Last night I was holding a baby girl and I put a wig on her ... it was Wendy's hair style as a 2 year old ... curly, curly, curly ... and the baby turned into Wendy so I hugged and kissed her all over while she giggled.

I miss my Baby Swister ... and it still feels pretty bad. But I am getting a bit more used to not having her here in the physical sense. And the mental sense is starting to come together ... which is another level of comfort that I need.

So Grand Mammie is feeling better ... and so is the rest of the Family.

Love your Peeps. And you better kiss them while you can.


  1. Don't you cherish those dreams she is talking to you and things are almost normal again? I love them...I have them about my Dad and my brother all the time. I know they are talking to me...
    Love your chicklettes.

  2. Yes, I agree - now is what we have - and memories. Sweet dreams for you, Laurie.