Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How The Sugar Wolf Got Her Nick Name ...

One day Ron was walking Ruby Thursday in our Houston neighborhood, West University. Heading south on Belmont he saw a Little Girl walking towards him, hand in hand with her Mother.

Ron pulled Ruby's leash in and eased up onto our neighbor's lawn and off of the sidewalk. As they passed by the Girl said to Ron ... "Is that a Wolf ?"


  1. Ruby doesn't look at all bad, though...

  2. Hi
    Just found you through Barb's blog. Love your dog. She looks exactly like a sheperd I had.
    I envy you with all your animals, but we had to give up all ours since we travel so much. It was hard enough getting someone to feed the dog. But I didn't get many volunteers for milking goats twice a day and collecting eggs from a henhouse with one mean rooster.