Sunday, August 16, 2009

Midnight, The Shetland Pony From Horse Hell ...

See the Pony ? See the Pony posing with the Girls ? See the Pony being lovingly welcomed into the Family ?

See the Pony running for the barn at 100 miles an hour ? With Laurie on it's back ? See the Pony making that sharp left ? See Laurie flying off ? And landing in that pile of fresh Cow Shit ?

Some things you don't want to ever forget ...

Like your Baby Sister's beautiful smile ... The one that's been gone from your life for a few years now. And your Mother's Pearls ... That she never questioned wearing with her summer tops and shorts. Your Grandmother ... Her home made cotton Dress with the pink Roses.

And then there's Me ... Where in the hell did I leave my shirt ?


  1. Oh, did I chuckle and get a memory flashback when I read this post!

    I, too, had a flying Shetland pony ride to our barn one day. But my pony came to an abrupt stop at the barn door and I managed to not fly over the top of his head, but stay on. My sister and I had been taking turns trying doing "circus" tricks. Guess he'd had enough.

  2. I love this photo and your description of what is in it.
    I love seeing your mom's pearls, your grandma's dress, and your sister's smile. Your shirt? Who needs one when you're a child on the prairie? You're FREE!

    Why are Shetland ponies cute, but mean?