Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love Is Blue ...

Moving potted plants from West U Houston to The Prairie involved a U Haul ... their very own. All 95 of them. Shelving was installed along each side of the truck to secure the smaller ones. The large taller ones were lined up in several rows down the middle. I gave away 10, and maintain partial ownership with my Girlfriend, Marilyn Green, of an ancient huge Staghorn Fern.

These days it's the Blue Butterfly that takes my breath away. Blooming on the Sun Porch, it's blossoms are delicate and erotic ... like me. Well, maybe the delicate part not so much.


  1. That's gorgous. It looks like a painting!

  2. Well worth the trouble taken moving it! A gorgeous blossom - and sometimes what seems delicate is actually the reverse.

  3. I love knowing this piece of history about you. You are the coolest.