Saturday, October 10, 2009

Still A Farm Wife ... Always A Girl ...

It's always beautiful here ... except when it's not.

But I do love, and deeply appreciate, the refreshing spin that those first few inches of snow put on things.

It gets old along the way ... like when there is 18 feet of it on the north side of your property, but it's still beautiful.

And today has an energy that yesterday did not. I get to break out my Scarf and Glove Colletion. Love from The Prairie. xoxo.


  1. Beautiful's amazing that you have snow already! But it's getting into the 30s here at night, too...I think a better name for Global Warming is Climate Change.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your boyfriend!

  2. Just beautiful, even when it is not!!!

  3. I see Ruby is patrolling the property in the new snow! Snowed a bit here in Denver, too, and much more in the Mts. I'm also putting the heavier coats into service. Have a great weekend, Laurie - hope you don't have to shovel.

  4. Always love to see such pictures, except when I don't see them. :-) Nicely shot! The place looks really beautiful!