Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sky Watch Friday Styx and Willows ...

The song titles I use, or the ideas from them, sometimes come to me while I am editing.

I might also have a song on my mind when I see the photo while it's happening.

Then again, I will often set out to take a photo that I believe will match a song I love. I want to commemorate it in some way ... I want to make it stick. In my mind, it works. Those photos do look the way the songs sound.

But the photos most significant to me, are the ones that take place when the song is actually on the radio. I might be backing out of the garage, like with this one. Or I might be on the road ... then I'll look for the song while I am driving. And I'm not only listening to the song, but I am hearing it ... after having listened to it for years. I am also getting it ... totally.

This Willow is mine. And we sang Styx's "Too Much Time On My Hands" together, in perfect harmony. And Oprah only wants me to stop TEXTING while I drive?

See what's up around the world while others take photos of the sky for you at Sky Watch Friday.


  1. Your right brain is on over-drive Laurie. The willows are awesome!

  2. the colors of the trees makes me think of summer

    catch our skywatch here

  3. This is stunning! The complentary colors of blue and orange are spectacular together here.

    Photos often remind me of songs, too.

  4. Extraordinary orange colour in perfect contrast with dark blue sky! A gorgeous photo!


  5. The orange-colored trees are absolutely amazing!

  6. such rich colors in this photo. wonderful!

  7. Awesome colors and a pretty sky! Great shot!