Monday, March 1, 2010

Sound Effects & Gate Check ...

Yesterday we were out in t shirts and jeans. We had shoes on too. I was taking photos while this White Light Plane flew over (click on it now). It was making a sound that I have grown to love. Don't get me wrong ... I love Bird sounds. I love mooing Cows too. But there is something about the humming of a small Plane or beautifully parachuted Ultra Light. The Northwest Airlines Mesaba Turbo Prop has a great sound too.

We live just a few miles from the Airport. Trust me, it's not a problem. Only 3 flights come in and out of Watertown per day via Minneapolis. The planes are made by Saab. I believe they have Italian MoMo racing steering wheels. We drive Subarus with Italian Momo steering wheels. We also have Boxer engines, horizontally opposed. These things sure come in handy here.

If you fly in to visit us here on The Prairie, we will hear then see your plane go over, and I will jump in one of our Subarus to go pick you up. It's a quick trip across Highway 212 and around the eastern side of Lake Kampeska. We will drive right up to the Airport door and there you will be, already with your luggage, after having arrived at Gate 1 and Only.

You will immediately notice how fresh the air is. And the blue sky will knock your socks off. I'll drive you to Kellers On The Prairie then, after having been gone less than 20 minutes. How cool is that ?

Oh ... and when you leave, the chances are pretty good that your flight will depart from that same gate.


  1. One of the beauties of living in a small town in the heartland, yes?

  2. 20 minutes round trip? I love it.
    But I will have to wait until spring. :0

  3. had to laugh @ Gate 1. A number of years ago a dealer for the company I worked for came to Watertown from Dallas. I was to pick him up a the airport, he was wondering what gate he would come in at, I told him Gate 1, and that when he left it would also be Gate 1. He started to laugh then, realizing what I meant! :)

  4. Wow. That sounds truly enticing! Having dealt with LaGuardia for the past ten years, I can't imagine an airport like yours!

  5. That cinches it, Laurie - I'm coming to the Prairie! Start listening for my plane...

  6. That really sounds heavenly... :)

    by the way, here is the link to your "tribute"...

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