Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aunt Kate Rocks ...

I'd like to introduce my Great Great Aunt Kate Redmond Mulroy. She is my maternal Great Great Grandfather's sister, born in 1870, DeKalb, Illinois.

A very strict School Teacher, Aunt Kate was known for, and relied on, to keep the Native American boys in check at the Country School House that was hers for many many years. It seems she kept the Ancestors hopping as well. I truly love and understand this about my Aunt Kate.

Aunt Kate and Uncle Matt did not have children. They had been married 29 years when he drowned at the age of 57, along with his friend and brother in law, John LeDehoff. Their row boat capsized in the icy waters of Minnesota's Lake Traverse while returning from a duck hunting trip on a November evening. Bless Aunt Kate's heart ... it must have broken a bit more with each minute that passed, and Uncle Matt didn't come in their door. She lived on without him to the age of 90.

I really love my Aunt Kate today. I love her story. I love her eye glasses. I love her complexion and the waves in her hair. I love her pearls and her tear drop shaped earrings ... the subtle ruffles on her chiffon dress. I love the total package ... a very classy Aunt Kate, a formal portrait, and the totally unexpected mod, colorful, and ethnic frame. I think it's all pretty spectacular. I hope Aunt Kate does too.

Maybe some day a descendant of mine will discover a photo of me at a family member's home. It will be in an unexpected place and will be found at an unexpected time. Maybe she or he will speak up and say, "May I have this photo of Aunt Laurie" ? From wherever I am, I am going to want the answer to be "Yes" ... Yes, of course" ... exactly like it happened at Mom's. And perhaps that photo will go home with he or she, and it will land, right away, in a great frame. And I will be brought back to life, along with my story, rocking once again.


  1. I hope that happens to your photo. I love your Aunt Kate, too. I hope she found her love again, as soon as she passed on!

  2. I love this post! I keep a photo of my Dad's mother, who died when I was a baby, and who I never I knew. (However, I look a lot like her.) The photo was taken when she was 17. She has a mischievous fire in her eyes. I bet she was a smart aleck and a free spirit... and I would have loved to have known her. :)

    And yes, some day YOUR photo (and mine) will be hanging in someone's house... long after we are gone. (And maybe they'll be mentioned in a blog posting...) :)

  3. I hope this happens someday to me, too - I hope I end up with someone as appreciative as you! Aunt Kate is probably smiling down on you, Laurie!