Sunday, April 18, 2010

Every Picture Tells A Story ...

When you live on The Prairie again, after many years in a Big City, you learn how to go with the flow. That flow being Seasonal. And you don't control the flow ... the flow controls you.

So when you look at one of your trees on a Monday, the first day in your flower Garden, and you notice the tree is bare, you can appreciate what it must be experiencing on the inside as it prepares to explode. That's A Cool Feeling. You can go on with your project then. You can look down.

And on Friday, you're still out there. You are weeding, so you are still looking down. You decide you need to sit Yoga style. You close your eyes, you put your shoulders back, you lift your chin, you straighten your spine and you listen. A
nd when you feel you are ready to open your eyes and see what you hear, it's this. It's the Tree. It has happened. And you didn't miss it. It becomes your story ... your Sideways Story.


  1. You almost made me want to move out there with you. Almost.

  2. Wonderful sideways story, Laurie - I'm looking at the photo with my head hanging left.