Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Growing Sunflowers Again ...

I get more hits on this Blog for growing sunflowers than anything else. People come here from all over the World to find out how. So this is for you, World. I'm happy to give back to my Planet. You rock. And you do so many nice things for me.

I started growing Sunflowers from seed as soon as I moved back to The Prairie. I'm used to seeing fields of Sunflowers here. And I'm hooked. They have an amazing cycle which is lengthy. And you get to give them over to the Birds !

Last year I grew the huge bright yellow Sunflowers that were very tall. I put them in my fancy Houston/West University black ceramic pots that used to line my driveway. They looked even finer lining my not so fancy Farm Garage.

This year I'm growing Old's brand Autumn Beauty Sunflower Seeds. The package says they have a branching plant habit ... I like that idea. I'm big on overkill. I can get away with that here on The Prairie. The package also says they are stunning ... no doubt, if I have anything to do with it. I'm going to give you all of my secrets and track mine for you as they grow. You can track yours for me too.

On a clear glass salad size plate, I folded a couple of white paper towels, and sprinkled the seeds onto it and spread them out. Then I gently poured water over them from my container that holds water that has been out of the faucet for a day or so. Fragile seeds need tender loving water. I put another sheet of paper towel over the seeds and poured a bit more water over them. They should be pretty wet, close to dripping, and they should never dry out.

I started this batch last night and they sat in the bright sunlight all day today. They are already opening. You can see the little white tails. I think these will be ready to go in the ground or a pot by Friday. Last year's seeds were larger than the salted seeds that we eat. They took about a week. xoxo.


  1. I had no idea...I just stuck my seeds in the ground and in pots. They are already huge (6 weeks?) but no flowers yet...I am patient.
    I love sunflowers too!!! They SCREAM summer to me.

  2. You rock chick! Maybe we'll see you this weekend. Will be up to say "bye for now" to Big Sis! xoxo

  3. I LOVE sunflower seeds - for eating! I love the flowers, too. Thanks for the lesson.

    Last summer, we saw fields of them in the south of France. It was like a dream, so beautiful. Looking forward to your photos as they grow!

  4. This is so interesting, Laurie. I remember your great sunflowers from last summer. I had no idea you start them this way. I wonder if they would grow fast enough for my very short mountain season? Maybe I should try some in Denver...

  5. Hi Laurie!
    I just goggled growing sunflowers in houston tx and u magically appeared! Just planted a quite unique, I thought, variety that is branching and blush colored but did not soak first, had no idea! I'll have to keep them extra wet I guess. I knew to soak or file my morning glory and nasturtium seeds but not sunflowers, Thanks for the tip and the sunflowers that haven't made it in the ground yet bow their awesome seed heads to u as well!
    Gracias Prairie Girl! Life's a Garden so Dig It!
    Houston Heights

  6. Hi Barb from Houston Heights !!! I'm sure yours will be fine. Are you on Face Book? Would love to see your sunflowers !!! Or email me at laurie2k2@aol.com. I graduated from Reagan High School : )