Friday, June 18, 2010

Things Are Looking Up ...

Watertown's Main Street is Kemp Avenue ... two lanes that go one way and west. It all started with the renovation of the Goss Opra House. Now it holds a great coffee place with wireless internet, a classy restaurant called Charley's, a place for traveling exhibits and art, and an incredible gift shop. We now have two new trollies that go from the Redlin Museum to Main Street/The Goss, and on to the Watertown Zoo.

The Birch Tree Gallery, where I show my photography, is on Kemp Avenue in Watertown. So I am getting reacquainted with Historic Uptown Watertown, South Dakota. The Mall on Highway 212 was the worst thing that could have happened to Kemp Avenue ... but it's no longer the place to be. Kemp Avenue is where it's at. Now Watertown Confectioners has opened across the street from the Birch Tree Gallery. Look out, Watertown Mall ... your days may be numbered.


  1. How did the Festival go? Sounds as though your town is turning on the charm.

  2. It's great that so many downtowns are seeing a rebirth now that suburbia has fallen out of favor -- but I worry about what will happen to all those characterless empty malls!

  3. I grew up going to school in Watertown but now that I'm at SDSU in Brookings I rarely make it back to town since mi familia lives in Kranzburg.

    Just last week my girlfriend and I did some driving around Watertown and walked the entire downtown area. I was SO impressed by all the stores.

    I did visit Common Grounds when it first opened. The restaurant in there is very nice now, and was a pleasant surprise. I was also shocked and amused to see a Watertown Trolly! And we even ran into the Watertown Confectioners and the owner showed us the downstairs where all the wine is made and gave us some samples, such a nice place.

    Next time, we'll be sure to check out the Birch Tree Gallery :)