Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bain de Soleil Sky Watch Friday ...

When I was a teenager I used to lie on the sands of Lake Kampeska perfecting my tan ... not an easy feat for a blue eyed blonde. My girlfriends and I didn't think about SPF content. We thought about straightening our hair without a Chi. And when the cool guys were going to show up. No cell phones ... no text messages ... things just happened.

I stepped out of my warm white GMC truck to snap this photograph of Lake Kampeska on Wednesday. I wasn't wearing my coat so I wasn't planning on taking long. But the Sun got a hold of me ... and it had every bit of my attention. It wasn't warm ... it was hot. It wasn't St. Tropez ... it was The Prairie. And it wasn't even the 1970's ... it was now. See the World's version of someone else's now at


  1. Laurie, This reminds me of a Dali painting! Sometimes, I just stare at your photos for a long time to try and figure them out. Is the sun melting your snow? It's snowing again today in Breckenridge.

  2. I am so glad you got out of your truck and took this picture. It is magical and so beautiful. The sun snot is awesome!

  3. That is an amazing photo...actually I took a peek at your other do have an eye....well done.

    Well I am a city girl gone country as well or rural....I live in the big city for 43 years and 6 years ago I moved to a very small community and I too live on acerage...5 to be exact, I am surrounded by horses,cows, the occasional bear, lots of deer, eagle...oh the list goes on..I don't know what took me so long to get out of the smog and smell the cow pies....happy weekend to you!

  4. What a stunning photo!
    I looked at some of your other shots - you certainly have had a lot of snow:-)