Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring It On Me ...

This is Spring on The Prairie. I'm looking for bird baths. My favorites are these ... the ones filled with snow to their brims, their centers resting nicely within. I noticed these pretty blue birds in their snow bath in a yard at the Lake on Sunday. It was quite a challenge to get to them.

I do miss my Spring days in Houston where I typically had my gardening projects going by Valentines Day. But I am also one who appreciates the beauty all of this snow, especially during Spring, and how it compliments nearly everything it touches.

You have to be careful who you say that to around here. And you don't even want to mention that the Farmer's Almanac says we're getting another 50" in March.


  1. Yes, I'll bet it's best not to mention that...

  2. Well, at least you have blue birds! March is a snowy month here in CO, too. We can't even see our bird baths! Stay warm, Laurie.