Friday, April 13, 2012

Sunny Side Sky Watch Friday ...

Big Windmill and little Moon ... I came away from what remained of that Homestead with a question. If I were still in Houston what would I be passionate about photographing ? Here on The Prairie I tend to worry a bit that I will run out of Sunrises and Sunsets, run out of Flowers and Fields, and eventually run out of everything that's cool to look at.

From the highway it appears to be just a weather beaten House and a rickety Windmill. It wasn't safe to walk into, yet it seemed to be wide open. There was no glass in the old window frames so I was able to lean into the pastel colored walls and feel the love.

Her stove was still standing in the soft yellow kitchen. The living room was a vibrant turquoise blue. The bedroom was a soft pink. She painted the rooms while he was in the field.
I began to see it through her eyes, beyond it's present state, which was also quite beautiful.
Wherever she is now, I love her.

I'm not going to worry ever again that I won't continue to find beauty in everything I see. Now go find another story at


  1. Very beautiful photos for SWF!Thank you for sharing and have a nice weekend!

  2. Your photos and the story they conjure make me smile this morning, Laurie. I am sure you'll never run out of inspiration, wherever you are.

  3. I love your windmill photo because of the angle, very unusual, but that makes it so interesting. And the photo where you took a little peak inside is full of beautiful colors! Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Old buildings hold so many tales. I doubt you will ever run out of things to photograph. It is beautiful country. - Margy

  5. I'm fascinated by these old abandoned homes. Wonderful post!

  6. Glad you haven't run out of photo ops yet! You have captured some lovely areas. . .thanks for sharing.
    p.s. Bean says hey.