Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Man Behind The Name ...

On Tuesday, when we came home from our three week winter break trip, we knew to look for our Christmas present. And there it was ... our last name, carved on a huge pine log, sitting up by the road. The present was from Mom, Catherine, Jesse, and Catherine's Dad, Eddie. For the surprise on Christmas Eve they wrapped a big container of wood preserver for us to guess from, then Catherine was ready with photos on her camera of the log they picked out.

I was tagged last weekend by my friend Karen for the Husband Tag. It has no rules. So I'm going to give you some choice info about Ron, along with the unveiling of the Keller log ...

1)Husband's Name:
Roland Bradford, Ron, RB, Punkie

2)How long have you been married? Since June 8, 1980. There was a hitch in there along the way but I like to pretend it didn't happen.

3)How long did you date? 6 months, then another 7 months living together prior to getting married. I wouldn't move in with him until we were engaged.

4)How old is he? When we met he was a young 41 and I was a mature 24. You can do the math if it's important to you.

5)Who eats more sweets? He does ... by a long shot.

6)Who is the better singer? I am. And I know the words to so many songs it's unbelievable. Whoops ... I forgot this tag is about him. Sorry.

7)Who is smarter? I can ask him a question about anything and he will know the answer. I guess that means he is. He's a graduate of the University of Florida with a BS and an MS. His Major was in Geology.

8)Who does the laundry? I do. But he knows how.

9)Who pays the bills? I do and I wish he did.

10)Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you look at the head of the bed from the foot of the bed, he does. It's closest to the bathroom. If I am lying in the bed, I do. It's the side closest to the double doors where the Boogie Man would come in. I guess it's my job to slay and/or discourage him from hurting either of us.

11)Who mows the lawn? He does ... 3.44 acres of it. He is very particular about it and I doubt I will ever be asked to.

12)Who cooks dinner? We share this job. He's a great cook and doesn't mind. He also does the shopping.

13)Who drives? I do most of the road trip driving so that he can navigate since he's the Map Dude. But I always want him to drive when we are on a date.

14)Who is the first to say they are wrong? He is. I have been working on this all my life.

15)Who kissed who first? He kissed me. On St. Patricks Day, the day we met in 1979. We were on a blind date, arranged by a mutual friend, John. Ron invited Chester and Terry to come along for support. Chester thought it was a match made in Heaven before Ron did. : )

16)Who asked who out first? He did. After the fix up, and after running into each other a couple of weeks later, in the building we both worked in. He was seeing someone he worked with at the time. We eventually started going out regularly and I did not inquire, even when sometimes it was Friday night, and sometimes it was Saturday night. I just waited for her toothbrush and Jontue body lotion to disappear from his bathroom, and her sandals to disappear from his closet. He did eventually let me know about her.

17)Who wears the pants? I run the house. He runs the farm. We are almost always on the same page about the big stuff.


  1. What a fabulous gift and looks so beautiful with the light on the snow. And welcome home!

  2. LOVE the sign! And love the hubby trivia! I think I shall do this as well! :-)

  3. I love the sign, too. That is so cool, the way it's carved into the log, and the typeface is GREAT.
    Ron's name is SO distinguished. What a superb moniker. It was such fun to learn more about him; thanks for playing! Glad to know you are back on the Prairie, safe and sound.

  4. Chet felt slighted that he wasn't mentioned that he was with Ron when you guys met. He feels responsible for you two

  5. I love your guys are too cute and perfect together.
    Love your Keller pretty. And you will always know when you are home!!!