Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sugar Wolf Snap Shots ...

Because I know my Sugar Wolf so well, I can tell that this photo was taken while one of my three cats, Leo, was slinking around, teasing her, and trying to get into our space. Leo is my Mr. Big, so Ruby has an unmanageable jealous streak about him.

Leo is really asking for it here. Because Ron is the Alpha Male, when Ruby wraps her jaws lightly around Leo's tail, or snugly around his neck for that matter, it's only to get his attention. It's not to hurt him. Only the Alpha Male can do that. I just made that up.

And no matter how important it is to keep her eyes on him and not let him into our space or near me, this would be the look I get when I ask her "Do you want to go for a ride".


  1. OMG I LOVE THESE! Esp the last photo. Looks like a bobble head. So much expression in her face. And it's so true when you say, "because I know my dog so well..." We really do and they know us just as much. Precious pics, thank you!

  2. Oh so beautiful! We haven't had a shepherd for 23 years, somehow Franz was not someone one could replace, but I am so glad that my grandson has one now hwo is 6 mths. old and hasn't nearly grown into his paws or tail yet.
    Actually , I came to see yur skywatch and got hooked.

  3. Beatifoul wolf dog !!
    My dog is cow-cow, your name Igor.-
    Buona settimana :-)

  4. I love it. So cute....I have seen that last expression too...whenever I say: "want to go for a ride? Or Do you want a cookie?"
    So cute.