Sunday, February 15, 2009

Map Quest ...

We are a map family ... that's because Ron is a Geologist and loves them. When we road trip and I'm at the wheel, he always has the map open for the state we are in. He follows it along to be sure of ... I'm just not sure. I sort of like to do it by the big green signs above the interstate. When he's driving I could care less about the map and what's coming up next ... but I'll get in trouble if I can't tell him we are coming up on Butcher Hollow.

My quirk is that I have to see the distance between one finger and another, of where we left from and where we are going to. I like to see the space shorten as the miles go by.

The car is packed and Ron is studying the map with Wally. It looks like Rockport, Illinois tonight. Allison is reading the paper. Meg will be up soon. Emily spent the night at a girlfriends and will be home in a few minutes. And Muzzie is blogging, about to be Facebooking. As usual.


  1. Long straight flat stretches of land..... corn on one side, soybeans on the other.

    I've done the drive from SC through the midwest on the way up to southwestern Minnesota to see my grandparents as a kid. (And let me tell you.... before in car DVD's, iPODs, etc.... it was BRUTAL for a kid to be stuck in the car for that long with NOTHING to look at but corn, cows, and soybeans....) :-)

  2. I'm a former pipeline engineer and I drive with the map open also.