Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Freedom of Sex ... I Mean Speech ... I Mean Religion ...

Watertown has a new business relating to Sex ... it's located across the road from where this protester is standing. Our City Council and the majority of our population, 25,000 or so, have been totally against it and did just about everything possible to stop it's opening.

I wondered if I'd be telling our company this summer to take the Watertown exit off of I 29, and to look for the billboard with the XXX's. No billboard; however, and it hasn't been brought up again.

It's located on the property my Aunt Lauretta Fox sold to the State and the City when the Interstate came through. This could be her reincarnated self. She would not like this at all. Short of putting up a Church out there real quick, there was nothing Watertown, South Dakota's Rising Star, could do.


  1. Wow. What can you do? It is hard to keep towns "clean"....
    believe it or not, it took several years for the hooters in our town to jump through many, many hoops to even open up.

  2. that Robin in the Hood, I mean Robinhood?????

  3. I really enjoy your blog and especially your pics Laurie.

  4. Oh dear,
    that plague just hits about everywhere nowadays.
    I have seen even rural sites with telltale signs. :-(