Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mama Mia, On The Other Hand ...

Prays for Peace, Love, Legalization of Kat Knip, and Tickets to Hair on Broadway ...


  1. How cute!!!!
    If she has glaucoma she may be able to get that legal cat nip. :0

  2. What a sweet girl.... which kitty is this?
    Is this the one who was pawing at the door during the snow?

    I SOOOOO miss having kitties. One day I shall have kitties again.

    I declare it, and it shall be so.

  3. Ya gotcha yer liberal and yer conservative right thar with ya, dontcha honey? Abiding together like the lion and the lamb, dontcha know. I love it! =) Yer household's example could be the subject of a nice fireside chat. xo