Monday, September 21, 2009

Fitting In ...

We are having a dark rainy day, perfectly setting the mood for cooler weather.

The Annual Pelican Township Hay Ride and Dinner was Saturday evening. While winding through the Nature Preserve I thought back to our first, and how it was on that ride I realized the lack of history with our new neighbors was the most difficult aspect of our move.

We truly love it here, and as it turned out, the transition didn't take long. When the Hay Ride took an unexpected turn through our property it was a nice touch to the level of comfort I had when we first took off ... I felt that I fit.

I'm a little older. I'm a little better. And I like living a life that revolves around my Family, my Animals, my Friends ... and God and Nature in partnership ... the distinct change of extreme seasons under their control.

I am looking up, down and all around these days, even more so than usual. So here is my West U pond over the weekend ... filling with fallen Maple leaves. I believe it, too, has made the transition nicely.


  1. Beautiful photo! I'm glad you're feeling more settled in -- from all I've read on your blog, your home seems to be a wonderful place. :)