Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Summer Masterpiece ...

These Sun Flower photos enlarge wonderfully. Each one of the tiny white bumps, underneath all of the "fluff" in the centers, is the bottom tip of a Seed.

I transferred 30 Little Darlings that I sprouted to my 6 tall black West U pots that surround our garage. Those pots used to line our driveway in Houston, behind our slotted iron security gate, that we don't need here ... I'm just saying. Nearly all of the plants grew to be 6/7" tall. That's the garage roof ... do you see the Sun Dog above the roof line? My Sister Wendy's Spirit rides that Sun Dog around here.

I bought those pots at Nelson Water Gardens in Katy, Texas, at a time when I had no knowledge of where, exactly, I would be with them right now. And while there are no Slotted Iron Security Gate places here on The Prairie ... there aren't any Water Garden Nurseries either.


  1. Sunflowers have always fascinated me.

    And did you know the author of my favorite children's book is named Laurie Keller too? I'm sure you do. She wrote Arnie the Doughnut. Have you heard of it?

    Wait. Are you the Laurie Keller that wrote Arnie the Doughnut?

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  3. Gee, I wouldn't have removed it if I'd known it'd post that. It just had a couple of typos. Now, my comment is totally anticlimatic! lol As I've said before yours is the only blog I've ever read; it's always interesting, often thought provoking and funny. Keep 'em coming girlfriend!

  4. WOW! Stunning and beautiful flowers...your eye is fabulous, as usual.