Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lunch At The Colony ...

The Ladies at the Hutterite Colony in Clark put on a tummy rubbing Lunch for us while Kelly was here from Austin. They raise families, cook, clean, sew, and garden. Their stainless kitchen shines just as bright as their smiles. They are not too fond of having their photo taken so I had to improvise.

Front row: my niece, Catherine, and Kelly. And my Mom, Shirley, Abbie, Diane and Me. We are posing in their aprons with their industrial mixer and rolling pins that say, "Clark Colony".

Thank you, Rose, for the memories ... and the laughs to go along with them.


  1. Great photo Laurie. Did you sample any of the choke cherry wine? I suppose the next time I see you and Ron he'll be wearing black pants, black hat, and a white shirt with suspenders.

  2. What a great photo! You should frame it!