Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hi Honey, I'm Home ...

I am totally amused by Farm Animals here on The Prairie. When I locate a herd of something I like, I buddy up. These Sheep belong to Van Well Farms just a few miles from here. They know me. They like me.

Columbus brought Sheep to the Colonies on his first return visit. Aside from providing wool, meat and cheese, they have made many outstanding contributions to Science. Remember Dolly, the cloned Ewe? Sheep have horizontal slit shaped pupils that provide peripheral vision up to 320 degrees. They don't have to turn their heads to know you are behind them. I like that.

Their mental process of facial recognition is identical to ours. So go out and hug a Sheep today ... and then to test this theory, hug it again tomorrow.


  1. To have a sheep pal would be the ultimate! Do they Baaaaa to you when you arrive, Laurie?