Monday, September 6, 2010

Stepping Away, Stepping Up, and Stepping In ...

This photograph makes my heart hurt. But it makes it beat too.

Wendy, my Sister who passed away unexpectedly four years ago ...Wendy's only child, Catherine, a loving and strong woman who stepped in for her Mother ... Me, before I moved back to The Prairie after 37 years in Houston to step in for Wendy ... And my Mother, Shirley, a very hip Senior who has very likely just stepped into a boat with my brother, Randy, out at The River in Pierre.

These are the Ladies of our Club.


  1. What a gorgeous group of women! You can see the character written all over each one of you. I love seeing Wendy and her daughter together here. Thank you for this. XOXO

  2. Laurie, I'm glad you have this awesome photo to go with your wonderful memories.

  3. Your ladies club is beautiful. HUGS, Laurie.