Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh What A Tangled Web ...

Here on the Prairie we are known for our Spiders ... the reason being I have to clean both them and their webs off of my house several times a year.

Yesterday the heavy morning dew clung to this beautiful web in my Garden. The power and genius behind this architectural masterpiece is a Black and Yellow Garden Spider. Most Spiders have four pair of eyes with one on the top of their heads. Those eyes can all swivel and have telephoto lenses. Spiders can scan then integrate images. They gather at dusk each evening and put on Powerpoint presentations. They are judged on technical and artistic levels, the best in each category being awarded an extra fly at dinner.


  1. Your spider is going to win the crochet award! Great photo, Laurie.

  2. Oh, you make me laugh so much.

    This is beautiful; though spiders give me the heebie jeebies.