Sunday, October 31, 2010

One Leaf ...

I have been on a road trip ... one that has taken us a bit over 4,ooo miles so far ... and it isn't over yet. We have 32 states in the license plate game and can't go home until we get them all. That's retirement. And if it weren't for the Sugar Wolf, Ruby Thursday, that would be true.

I took this photo on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This One Leaf, that floated gently towards me and brushed the tip of my ear ever so lightly, was a deal maker for my first post in two weeks. This One Leaf represents all there is to say about this trip and about me. It takes a lot of leaves to tell the story of Fall on The Parkway, but this One Leaf is telling you the story of me.

Happy Halloween from Kriss and Dave's in New Jersey. And even though I forgot to pack my Skeleton Ear Rings, this One Leaf has my back.


  1. I never doubt you, Laurie. One leaf is all it takes. Stay safe.

  2. You my friend have a lot of leaves to share.
    Safe travels and good luck on those license plates!!!