Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh What A Tangled Web ...

Here on the Prairie we are known for our Spiders ... the reason being I have to clean both them and their webs off of my house several times a year.

Yesterday the heavy morning dew clung to this beautiful web in my Garden. The power and genius behind this architectural masterpiece is a Black and Yellow Garden Spider. Most Spiders have four pair of eyes with one on the top of their heads. Those eyes can all swivel and have telephoto lenses. Spiders can scan then integrate images. They gather at dusk each evening and put on Powerpoint presentations. They are judged on technical and artistic levels, the best in each category being awarded an extra fly at dinner.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hamlin County Sky Watch ...

It can be about what's on this side of the road. It can be about what's on the other side of the road. It can even be about what's on the hill in between. But today it's about the Sky around the World and the People who are watching it for all of us. Sky Watch Friday.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hi Honey, I'm Home ...

I am totally amused by Farm Animals here on The Prairie. When I locate a herd of something I like, I buddy up. These Sheep belong to Van Well Farms just a few miles from here. They know me. They like me.

Columbus brought Sheep to the Colonies on his first return visit. Aside from providing wool, meat and cheese, they have made many outstanding contributions to Science. Remember Dolly, the cloned Ewe? Sheep have horizontal slit shaped pupils that provide peripheral vision up to 320 degrees. They don't have to turn their heads to know you are behind them. I like that.

Their mental process of facial recognition is identical to ours. So go out and hug a Sheep today ... and then to test this theory, hug it again tomorrow.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Goodnight Garden ...

It isn't blooming, but my Garden on The Prairie is still full of life and color. Fallen curly Maple leaves, tiny bright green Sedum, red bark mulch and my favorite stepping stone make a pretty picture prelude to a long Winter's nap. Goodnight, Mittens. Goodnight, Kittens. Goodnight, Moon. And Goodnight, Garden.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beauty, The Beholders, And The Droid, In Color ...

I've been making Road Trips over to Hamlin County to photograph a beautiful Country Church. Yesterday morning the Boyfriend, Ruby Thursday, and I, took a new route. Boyfriend, a Geologist and Map Man in every sense of the word, is now a high tech hot shot with my Droid's "live" Google mapping system. These are the things we see when we go the back way ... People being themselves, in color, with no need to conform. I love that.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Stepping Away, Stepping Up, and Stepping In ...

This photograph makes my heart hurt. But it makes it beat too.

Wendy, my Sister who passed away unexpectedly four years ago ...Wendy's only child, Catherine, a loving and strong woman who stepped in for her Mother ... Me, before I moved back to The Prairie after 37 years in Houston to step in for Wendy ... And my Mother, Shirley, a very hip Senior who has very likely just stepped into a boat with my brother, Randy, out at The River in Pierre.

These are the Ladies of our Club.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thirty Days Has September ...

We are having an early Fall here on The Prairie. It's been cool. It's been windy. It's been kicks. Unlike many people here, I am one who looks forward to the snow and freezing temperatures. It's not that I am more comfortable. I'm just ready for a change ...

My photographs and I will be at the 2010 Goss Opera House Art Festival on 11 and 12 September. I'll be the one in the clouds ... and the flowers ... and the corn.

Now go see another sky on the other side of the world, perhaps, at Sky Watch Friday.