Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'll Buy That Dream Sky Watch ...

I am developing a strong love of things antique. What can that mean ?

Through the night my Bose is always on low and set to an AM Station here in town called KWAT 950. They do an amazing job alternating between Contemporary Soft Rock and The Olden Days.

Occasionally they play the duet by Helen Forest and Dick Haymes from 1946. It's one of the one most visual songs I know of. It describes their life and love over the years.

So today's photo is "a sky full of moon" ... but not really.
"It doesn't sound bad, and if it can be had, I'll buy that dream".

The dreams of other skies at


  1. Hi Laurie,
    I like the way the sky makes that tree glitter. You can love antiques without being an antique (like I am!).

  2. Excellent sky shot. Great clouds.

    I haven't heard Helen Forrest or Dike Haymes in years but just mentioning them brings them back. MB