Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Lost In Space Cactus ...

Every year I pick a unique plant to pot cuttings from for Girlfriend Christmas Presents. I was never able to locate the botanical name for this little wierdo so I named it the Lost In Space Cactus ... it reminds me of something Will Robinson would run up against while wandering too far from his Jupiter 2 Space Ship. And then it would come to life and tangle him up while that no good Doctor Smith runs to save his own neck.

See the dimples on two of it's stems ? Don't let them reach out and get you. You never know when it's Lost In Space ... and the B9 Robot might not be around to rescue you.


  1. LOL -- I think I remember an episode like that, with poisonous flowers that somehow captured Will's sister Judy. Ha!

  2. That looks like a stick cactus - only it seems plumper. I like the little butterfly. Laurie - couldn't read the post well because that globe gets in the way of your writing.

  3. That really is a weird little plant. It looks like a cartoon or something. What a fun idea for a gift.
    That "Lost in Space" was a funny show, wasn't it? The robot calling out, "Danger, Will Robinson!" and flailing its arms is an image that I still recall, and it makes me smile.