Monday, December 21, 2009

Red Barn ...

We decided to retire on The Prairie shortly after my sister Wendy died. I desperately needed to be near her daughter as well as my own Mother. We were ready to do sometime totally different ... and it turned out to be the perfect plan. It's just so crazy that it came about from such tragedy.

My heart wasn't always broken. The barn wasn't always red. But around here, things are both looking and feeling damn near perfect. I love it when that happens.


  1. So sweet. I am glad all is going well for you!
    Merry Christmas, Suz

  2. Hi Laurie - Sometimes what isn't planned turns out to be the way it needs to be. I'm sorry you had to lose your sister, though. I see you have snow making that barn look even more red. Happy Holidays to you & your Family.