Sunday, May 18, 2008

Almost Finished ...

I'm escaping the disorder inside the house by spending as much time as possible outdoors. I've put 8 hours in on this project so far and will wrap it up today after another 3 or so. I've covered every square inch of ground in the front garden and pulled every weed. I've also done some planting along the way, filling in and spacing a bit better. I'm in Zone 4 so I'm on the learning curve. One of the new things Ive planted is Fox Glove, which is used for medicinal purposes in creating the irregular heartbeat drug, Digoxin. Toxic to pets as it will do just that, cause irregular heartbeat. I've also put in Columbine, Clematis and Hollyhock to name a few. I hope to do an inventory and journal here with pics as well as notes, although that might be a bit overly optimistic.

Today we will finish packing up the living room, dining room, guest bedroom and office. Everything goes in a POD that is on the north side of the house. It's 40' x 10' . Tomorrow the walls come down that separate those rooms. Cat and Jessie came over yesterday and took the doors and trim they wanted and we moved the heavy furniture. Things are moving along quickly but I am only just now starting to freak out a little. When we redid our house in West U I used to come home from work each day and vacuum sheet rock dust. I am not quite that obsessive compulsive these days. One can hope.

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