Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Work in Progress...

How nice to have wrapped up this project ! I caved a bit and Ron bailed me out by helping me finish. I am hoping for a garden that improves with age ... I had to thin out quite a few things that are gorgeous but just too thick and scattered, I have a very nice variety now, of both plants and colors. Everything I thought I screwed up or killed is back with a vengeance, the white peony that I thought I planted too low and the Lupin that I thought just would not make it ... those little ladies have been spread by the birds I believe ... they are everywhere.

I had Ruby, Bean and Leo out with me all morning. I must get some photos of them outside this week. Ruby was dragging around her ham bone and burying it from place to place ... first under the garage then under the huge evergreen. It was covered with dirt and gravel and nasty. Leo got away and came right to me when I went after him. I held him and loved him up and it triggered a huge heartache for Wendy. We could be having so much fun in my being home again. Cat came by with more things to store in the horse barn and we talked about it. Bottom line ... it's still very difficult and I wish it weren't true that she is gone.

Dinner with Mom over at Cat's at 5:30. We are resting and watching There Will be Blood.

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