Saturday, May 24, 2008

Down to One Bathroom ...

And that takes careful planning ! So as suspected, dust is everywhere, including our quarters which have now been reduced to the bedroom and master bath. We still have access to the kitchen but not for long. Our contractor, Gordie, is Mr. Wonderful and works sooooo efficiently and conscientiously. The electrician had to get a grip on the upstairs wiring prior to the ceiling being sheet rocked in the basement so all of the walls in our living area upstairs had to come down. What a mess ! Mom said our main floor looks like a bowling alley ... she's right. I have it all laid out in my head, though, and I believe it's going to be fabulous. I made a decision and ordered carpet and flooring both this week, and I purchased appliances. I stayed within budget and actually spent half of what Ron budgeted on appliances ... a great feeling because I know I made good decisions on my purchases. The appliances were all on sale at Sears and yesterday they had an additional 15% off the sale price so I totally scored !

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