Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cold Enough Fer Ya ???

Yowza !!! It's -8 degrees. On this day in 1912 it was 30. Are you familiar with snow in a can that's used to make your windows look like it's winter? We don't need that here.


  1. We don't need it either, Laurie - I think it used to be called "flocking"... That photo is amazing - like the flame jumped off the candle into the sky. Keep warm!

  2. Yeah, we don't need that here either. It was below zero here too, brrrrr. I'm hoping it gets a little warmer tomorrow, I hate going to the gym in below zero.

  3. Brrrr... I don't even want to think about 28, let alone 8 below! Yikes!!

    Lovely shot of the candle against the setting sun.

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  4. RESPECT. I don't like the cold. You are a real woman, making art in the midst of the deep-freeze.