Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You Are Here ...

Knowing where you are is good. I rarely pass up the opportunity to check out the signs I see in various places that tell me where I am ... even if I know exactly where I am.

I ended up back on The Prairie less than a year after my sister, Wendy, died suddenly and unexpectedly. I had been living away from home for thirty seven years. Love drove me back ... my story is an example of God's will. What else can I say ? One thing ... Wendy is here now too. Yesterday afternoon she was sitting at the top of the sun, looking out for me, and keeping her eye on things at my Farm.


  1. Oh, Laurie, I'm so glad she is there, and that you know it. God bless you, your family and that prairie that is so dear to you - and is such an integral part of our homeland.

  2. The vastness of your Prairie meeting the skyline is just awesome, Laurie. To love someone and feel that they remain close to you is a blessing. This is a fabulous photograph!